Unethical Business Practices Will Not Help You Reach Success


Have you ever been involved in a situation where you were working with someone who got money from people who believed that they were getting something back in return but didn’t?
Let’s say: You have a friend who owns a lemonade stand. The lemonade sign says “Fresh Squeezed lemonade” “Organic and grown from our backyard”. And lets also say, the current market sells fresh squeezed lemonade for $1.50, but your friend decides to markup the prices of a cup of lemonade for $3.00 instead, and claims that your friend’s cup of lemonade is a lot better and contains extra nutrients that help consumers have more energy to go about their day. However, it turns out, all the lemonade that your friend “made” were actually bought from a cheap liquor store. The lemonade bottle was processed, there was extra sugar in them, the ingredient labels had  such scientific terminology that you have never heard of. And lastly, you find out that a bottle of these cost only $3.50, and each bottle can fill up 6 cups. Imagine the profits your friend is making!
But let’s think about this, your consumers of this product are buying this lemonade over other competitors because your friend has stated that this drink has more nutrients for energy efficiency, it is fresh and grown from the backyard, and they are organic. Not to mention, this liquor store “lemonade” is mostly sugary which probably tastes really sweet, giving them the advantage for better taste compared to the competition.
Don’t you think your friend is cheating off of their customers? Leading them to believe in this false product? Paying top dollar for a fake product that doesn’t really give them the health benefits, but rather giving them diabetes, which if sugar consumption is high, will lead to possible death?
Although this example is very simple, this is an issue that many consumers and business employees face in the business world. People who have such great plans that can rack in tons of money show little to no concern for the people who are affected that are involved in the plan. This blog will explain why we think unethical business will not reach any sort of financial success, and we are talking about the long term here.

Why do we think unethical business practices will not reach success? Read more at: Sonnycpa.com


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