How Do Famous Youtube Stars Become Rich?


Do any of you guys know or heard of Pewdiepie? Or Psy, the guy who was famous for his famous youtube video, Gangnam Style? Although it seems that no one is talking about Psy these days, have you ever wondered how these youtube stars make their money?

Yeah, you probably knew that they make money from advertisements, but did you know that surprisingly, most youtubers who you think makes a bunch of money actually make less than you think? Plus, advertisements are not their only source of income.

But first, let’s list out the top 10 earners of annual income: (based on

1)      DisneyCollectorBR: Generates $1.5 – $23.4 million annually

2)      PewDiePie: Generates $1.2 – $18.9 million annually

3)      LittleBabyBum: Generates $845,500 – $13.5 million annually

4)      Stampylonghead: Generates $698,100 – $11.2 million annually

5)      Popularmmos: Generates $750,900 – $12 million annually

6)      Blucollection: Generates $720,700 – $11.5 million annually

7)      Disneycartoys: Generates $642,700 – $10.3 million annually

8)      MarkiPlierGame: Generates $588,400 – $9.4 million annually

9)      TheDiamondMinecart: Generates $603,000 – $9.6 million annually

10)   Jacksepticeye: Generates $568,300 – $9.1 million annually


To tell you the truth, I thought PewDiePie was number 1 in this list, given that he has been all over the news and social media recently. Initially, I always thought that PewDiePie had all of the viewers compared to the other viewers, however, I know for a fact that every youtube audience who watch a particular youtuber will most likely watch another star in relation to the previous star’s content.



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