How to Deal with Stress of Running a Business


Are you a business owner who has been through a lot of stress these past couple months? Especially, when tax season is coming and you have no one to prepare your tax forms for you? Well, let us take a moment to tell you that, if you are reading this blog post right now, you are probably looking for someone to prepare your tax returns or looking for a CPA accountant who can do that work for you. In fact, we are a CPA firm in case you haven’t noticed!

Anyway, this blog post is not about how to hire an Orange County CPA, the main point of this blog is to talk about how to deal with stress when running a business. So how can you deal with it? According to Pratik Dholakiya, Co-Founder of E2M, he wrote an article called 3 Tactics for Dealing With the Stress of Running a Business, which talks about dealing with stress and said that an entrepreneur is always required to be involved in every activity that their business is undergoing, always taking on new challenges, and creating bonds and relationships while learning on the go. Of course, as Pratik mentioned, will be overwhelming, which is something that most entrepreneurs face.

Pratik listed out three powerful ways to fight against this overwhelming stress that will keep you on track with your business goals without going insane.



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