Spend More Time With Your Family & Friends while saving money for the Holidays


It’s that time of the year again where many of us celebrate the holidays with cheer, parties, gifts, and many other goods to enjoy before they hit reality again. But guess what, you know what else comes after those parties, gifts, and goods? That’s right! A hefty bill in the New Year!

You’re probably thinking, “Oh thanks a lot Sonny, I definitely needed that reassurance…” Well hold on there, we’re not here to deliver bad news to you! We have some great money saving tips that will help you save money so it’ll at least soften up that bill in January.

According to moneyadviceservice.org, the average Christmas spent per household is around $615, which includes food, presents, travel, and decorations. Based on moneyadviceservice.org, they have compiled a list of steps on how you can save money for the Holidays:



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