How Hard is it To Invest in Real Estate?

There was an interesting article written by Scott Trench who recently wrote an article about how easy it is to invest in Real Estate. In the beginning he talks about how some of the most successful entrepreneurs started off with nothing. That’s a very typical story of how entrepreneur’s become millionaires. Many of us has … Continue reading How Hard is it To Invest in Real Estate?


The Lesson from Rich Dad, Poor Dad

When you are trying to aim for financial independence, people would think that going to school getting high grades and getting a good job would be the answer to all your financial problems right? Well, if you think that’s the way to go, then you probably shouldn’t be reading this. Just kidding! It’s just a … Continue reading The Lesson from Rich Dad, Poor Dad

8 Things Entrepreneurs Do Differently

Entrepreneurship goes beyond Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg. It is mostly an approach to life that favors creativity over conformity and action over inaction. Author and investor, James Altucher says that “Being an entrepreneur doesn’t mean starting the next Facebook.” Or even starting any business at all. It means finding the challenges you have in … Continue reading 8 Things Entrepreneurs Do Differently

Small Business Success Story – Chad Mureta (App Empire)

Chad Mureta ran a real estate business when the impossible happened: A devastating car accident has caused to be delivered to the hospital, nearly taking out his arm. His business could not continue without him being physically present, but Mureta’s mounting medical bills meant he had to find an alternative source of income. READ MORE … Continue reading Small Business Success Story – Chad Mureta (App Empire)